Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beijing Drum and Bell Towers

On the way to visit Hutong Neighbourhoods in Beijing, China, we stopped by to visit Drum and Bell Towers. Drum Tower is also known as Gǔlóu (鼓楼) while Bell Tower is known as Zhōnglóu (钟楼). Both of these towers are located closely to each other. Drum and Bell Towers were used to announce the time to the locals in the ancient time but now, they become the tourist attraction sites. The entrance tickets to both towers is 30yuan per person.

Bell Tower, Beijing
This is Bell Tower. It is located behind of Drum Tower

Bronze Bell Tower at Beijing China
The largest and heaviest bronze bell. I wondered how did the ancient people
manage to pull the bell to the top floor.

Drum Tower, Beijing
This is Drum Tower.

Drum Tower Performance at Beijing China
You can check out for drum performances at Drum Tower between 10am to 3pm

Bell & Drum Tower Stairs at Beijing, China
You need to access through narrow and steep stairways in order to get to

the top floor of Drum and Bell Towers.

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