Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

We stayed at Salt Lake City, Utah for three nights during the week of Thanksgiving day, last year. It was our first time to experience and celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a friend and his family for home dinner, outside the downtown of Salt Lake City. Thanksgiving day is celebrated in a similar custom like other festive seasons such as, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Diwali etc. where the family members get together to chit chat and have a warm and home cooked dinner on the eve and the day of celebration. Roasted Turkey is the main dish to be served on Thanksgiving day followed up by other dishes like mashed potatoes, bread rolls, vegetable and dessert like apple pie, pumpkin pie or cake.

Utah Welcome Signboard along the highway

It's snowing and chilling in Utah.

Spotted a mosque (masjid) at Salt Lake City, Utah

A quiet downtown on Thanksgiving day

A church located behind the mountain which reminded me of beautiful scenery at Switzerland.

Government State of Utah building

Rear view of Government State of Utah

Utah Bull display

Another Utah Bull display

Utah Council Hall

Scott M. Matheson Courthouse

Salt Lake City City and Town Halls

A church near the university campus at Salt Lake City

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