Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Travel Tips: Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles

Universal Studios is famous for its thrilling rides and shows (in 3D and 4D) but nothing is far more interesting to visit, other than the studio tour which is only available at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The studio tour ends earlier than other rides and shows thus, it's recommended to get to the studio tour once you arrive there. Unlike the TV/movies production from Asia and Europe regions with limited land and spaces to be used in the studios, most of the TV series and movies from the U.S. are filmed with the setup props in their studios or production houses. To understand and experience in the studio sets, you should take this opportunity to visit any of these studio tours at Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount or Sony Pictures in Los Angeles, California.  

Since Universal Studios operates like a typical office hours (10am-5pm) on weekdays while 10am-7pm on weekends, it's advisable to get front line tickets (also known as VIP tickets). With VIP tickets, you have the priority to get into the shows without standing in long queue and also join the behind-the-scenes experience of the shows such as Water World.

The main entrance to Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Walk to Studio Tour immediately, the moment you enter Universal Studios

Fake buildings and street setup for TV series production

Can you recognize these cars?

Studio Production setup for Jurassic Park

Studio Production setup for a cowboy movie

A special technique and angle used to shoot a miniature ship with the backdrop for King Kong movie

Plane crash production setup for War of the Worlds

Studio Production setup for War of the Worlds

Action stunt and props: Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Top: Demonstration on how to shoot a bird flying around the mountain with the green backdrop; Bottom: Taking pictures with stars from The Beverly Hills of Chihuahua

Flash flood studio setup

Studio Production setup of a fictional neighbourhood, Wisteria Lane, for the American television series, Desperate Housewives. No tour to Wisteria Lane when there's filming of this series going on.

Stunt action: Water World

Stunt action and props: Water World

Earthquake props at the subway station

Posing with my favourite characters


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