Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter Photos: Highways I-15 & I-80

Thinking about the Autumn (Fall) season, we only had less than two months to enjoy before we were hit by early Winter season which started end of October 2011 (about two days early before the day of Halloween celebration in the U.S.) Some of the states, especially in the East Coast of the U.S. currently experiencing snow storms and showers. On the other side in San Francisco, California, we also experience early chilling, frost and raining season since early November. Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park are already covered with snow blanket. Visitors are advised to put on tire chains during their trips to these attraction sites and high elevation of snow areas. We also begin to put on winter jackets and boots in San Francisco, which is very amusing to me sometimes, thinking that it should be Autumn season instead of Winter.

Anyway, since we are in the mood of winter, why don't I share some of my pictures taken during my winter trip to Idaho Falls, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah last year.

Highway I-15 (from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City)

The car skidded and waited for assistance from tow truck to be pulled out.

This must be a horse range

Driving very slow along the icy road. All the drivers stayed consciously to prevent from accidents.

Stream flows in the snow

Here comes the snow storm.

Driving too fast can cause dangerous to yourself and other drivers. Just like this driver drove too fast and skidded and overturn along the highway. I didn't see the driver and passengers.

Driving under obstacle and low visbility during the snow storm. We had to drive extra careful and very slow and took longer hours to arrive the next destination which we didn't enjoy it.

A beautiful church beside the highway

The mountain covered with snow blanket

Highway I-80 (from Salt Lake City to San Francisco)

Giant tennis balls on the pole along the highway.

Driving into the tunnel of the mountain

Mountain covered with snow blanket

Close up look at the mountain

The sign of snow storm was heading towards the mountains.

Looking at these pictures, it flashes back the fun and painful memories from this trip. The most exciting part was where I could experience and play on the snow blanket with my dogs. On the other hand, driving along the icy road and stranded in a hotel for two nights due to heavy snow storm became my scary moments. Stranded in a hotel, without going anywhere as most of the shops and malls were closed due to the storm, was difficult for me to pass my time. I also witnessed a lot of accidents during the winter because of skidding on the icy roads. It's difficult to judge the road condition while driving along the snow and icy roads. I begin to understand and endure the locals' stress, worry and suffering from the snow storm. Clearing the snow from the roof and ploughing pathway and streetway after every snow storm isn't fun to do. Will I travel again to the snowy places? I am definitely not planning to travel now but I might consider once I have recovered from the trembling moment.

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