Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter Photos: Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

In my recent post, Winter Photos: Highways I-15 & I-80, I shared some pictures of my traveling trip to Idaho Fall, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah during Thanksgiving week last year. We wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park but the road was closed due to unpredictable snow storm. Thus, we had to reroute our trip back to San Francisco, California.

We were stranded at Idaho Falls, Idaho for two nights since the highways were closed as it was hit by heavy snow storm. The locals were advised to stay home throughout the snow storm.

Welcome to Idaho signboard along the highway I-15

Outside view from my hotel room

Weather forecast on the TV local news.

The front entrance of the hotel was covered with snow blanket

Even my car was covered with snow in an overnight

Chilling weather on the next day, morning

Spotted a snow plough vehicle at my hotel. Every property owner has to clear the pathway and street way after every  snow shower and storm each time.

On the way to get some coffee and breakfast. After staying outside for more than an hour, the clear weather suddenly changed to snow storm. We had to return to the hotel soonest possible.

Strong wind blow and snow storm hit at Idaho Falls. It suddenly turned dark.

It became low visibility and we had to drive extra careful on the road.

Continuously snowing and windy throughout the day.

Another snow plough machine which normally used to clear the snow on the streets

William enjoyed his huge 'birthday' snow cake :)

Baby and Max didn't enjoy their walk. They couldn't stand the chill and windy outside the hotel.

In my upcoming post, I will share some pictures of Salt Lake City, Utah.


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