Thursday, January 26, 2012

Avatar Exhibition

Nearly everybody becomes fascinated with the latest animation technology in Avatar movie. We had this opportunity to visit the props, costumes and technology used by James Cameron and his team in the making of Avatar Part 1 movie.

The Avatar Exhibition is currently exhibited at EMP Museum in Seattle downtown, Washington, USA. For more information about the latest events, ticket pricing and the location, please visit the website here:

Avatar Poster at the entrance of exhibition

I'm in the Avatar world...

Avatar is located in Pandora


Avatar Plants Prop

Avatar Props

Avatar Props and Sketching Design

Avatar Costume

Avatar Prop Machine

Avatar Bag Prop

Look at these giant shoes props that I put on ....

A mini camera attached in front of the actor's face to capture his/her facial expression in order to create Avatar characters in animation

Virtual camera used by James Cameron while shooting Avatar

The Making of Avatar:

I was supposed to follow the moveable spotlight on the ground but I danced at my own pace which caused the character kept tangling on the ropes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Battlestar Galactica Exhibition

We stopped by at EMP Museum to visit Battlestar Galactica Exhibition during our recent trip at Seattle, Washington, USA.

These are some pictures of the props and costumes which were used during the shoots for the TV series.

New Poster

Old Poster



Cylon Raider

Helmets Props

Cylon shoulder fragment

Weapons Props