Friday, January 6, 2012

Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington, USA

Museum of Flight is highly recommended and a "must" to visit during a trip in Seattle, Washington, USA. Children are not only fascinated but adults as well, to learn more than 40 historic aircraft, air wars of WWI and WWII, to visit the real Air Force One, jet fighter, Concorde, Boeing 747 and 737, to explore the space shuttle, and full-sized Space Station research lab and to experience the flight stimulators in 3-D visuals and X-pilot where you can control the plane in any directions; upside down and round and round. Besides that, visitors have the opportunity to visit the first and original manufacturing plant, The Boeing Company and the exhibition of early historic of American aerospace.

During my recent trip to the Museum of Flight, I noticed some children were excited when they had the opportunity to take pictures on a jet fighter. To them, jet fighter is like their favourite toy. They were resisted from leaving the jet fighter after being persuaded by their parents. However, there were a few of them couldn't let go thus, they were leaving the scene with their crying face.

The current ticket for an adult costs US$17 per person while a child's ticket is at US$9 per person. For more information of the latest activities at the museum, please visit the website here:

Museum of Flight in Panaromic view

Another Panaromic view in front of the entrance of Museum of Flight

An opportunity to understand the duties of a traffic controller at the tower in an airport

Panaromic view from the tower

Photos are taken in miniature toy effect

The history of flying aircraft from wood making into the current technology of steel making

Space Exhibition: the astronaut suit, Apollo Command Module, Lunar Roving Vehicle, Sojourner and Space Shuttle

British Concorde is the fastest commercial aircraft in the history. It took about 3 hours 20 mins to arrive at NYC from London

The America's first jet, Air Force One for the President

This is a full-size Space Station research lab. The glass floor doesn't exist in the actual laboratory module.. The astronauts float around in the module, most of the time while they are in the space. The glass floor is installed for the public's assessibility to visit the lab station.

The most popular aircraft, Blue Angel (US Navy's flight demonstration) in blue with some yellow stripes on the right. Blue Angels is popular for its aerobatic performance during the Fleet's week annually. More pictures of the demonstration can be viewed here.          

All kinds of aircrafts for military, medical and transporting passengers and air mails / parcels to another destinations.

Different kinds of aircraft for jet fighter, Boeing and Nasa Research

The first and original William E. Boeing plant in the red barn

Air Wars of WWI and WWII

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